AU Registered, Approved Air Conditioning Systems Canberra

Are you aware that most household refrigeration and air conditioners purchased in Australia have a specification to be within the greenhouse and energy minimum standards regulation must be registered with the GEMS regulator.

When inspecting your air conditioning unit most units have to display an energy rating label when offered for supply, and the manufacture must also meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS). Unfortunately all systems don’t function as per manufacturers specification and certainly do not meet both (GEMS) or (MEPS) regulations.
This is where Duncan’s Plumbing Heating and Air-Conditioning can assist you with identifying particular brands, servicing and installation of your heating and air conditioning unit. By being proactive this summer giving us a call could save you thousands of dollar in making the right choice of system.

Duncan’s Plumbing Heating and Air-Conditioning only install registered, approved air conditioning systems.
Be proactive and give us a call as preventive maintenance/servicing can save you money on possible breakdowns.
To find out which brands are suspended or banned please go to the following website.