Thermostatic Valves

The skilled professionals at Duncan’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning can provide the following items and services:

  • Thermostatic mixing valves: These valves ensure a flow of water that is kept to a consistently safe temperature at all times, preventing accidents such as scalding. Duncan’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will service all thermostatic mixing valves located in day-care and aged care facilities, schools and kindergartens, and special needs facilities. We service all major brands and carry the spare parts needed for most.

Thermostatic Mixing valves

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Thermostatic mixing valves servicing and replacement is a specialty at Duncan’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve been working on these safety features since the late 80’s, so we definitely know about them. Now modern society accepts as standard necessity of life, copious quantities of clean warm water to bath in, Duncan’s Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning can provide what is considered essential clean hot water with adequate flow for the Canberra region. However, in a variety of installation and circumstances there are deficiencies in the installation or the equipment installed, our qualified tradesman will identify and explain or make more for future repair or replacement.

Thermostatic mixing valves in Canberra are in place to protect the user from uncontrolled water scalding when not assisted in most cases. The thermostatic mixing valves are designed not to exceed 50°C or operate with no potable cold-water supply eliminating any potential for scalding.

Tempering valve

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The typical residential house has normally been fitted with a tempering valve device not a thermostatic mixing valve which is most prominently used in all health care facilities, schools and public places.

A tempering valve is a non-serviceable valve. Other than clearing line strainers and adjusting water temperature. The manufacture life expectancy of the tempering valve is 5 years in which this particular type of valve is fully removed and replaced.

The thermostatic mixing valve is serviceable and has no end life date unless worn or defective, which gives this valve a better return on investment and quality product that protects people peoples use.

The most recent change to the plumbing and building insurance are fully compliant continuous hot water systems which a maximum water temperature delivery of 50°C without the need of thermostatic mixing valves or tempering valves installed. This improvement or inconvenience has immediately protected the general public for from scalding but has had an adverse effect with hot water temperature at the kitchen sink for washing and cooking.

The current law as 3500 plumbing code will allow hot water not tempered if a tempering valve or thermostatic mixing valve is in place prior to any bathroom or ensuite fixtures, and the hot water industry are changing in continuous hot water systems.

There’s plenty to know and help you with your temperature at the tap, so call our office to make a booking to at least check or replace your thermostatic mixing or tempering valves!

Then, you will be sorted for life!

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