Grey Water Systems

We can supply and install silent grey water pumps to a new bathroom or ensuite where sewer drainage is not viable, but your circumstance requires the extra bathroom.

We can also include a toilet (black water) to finish that bathroom, so it is self-contained. This type of work requires a full certification and approvals by ACTPLA to meet as 3500 plumbing code.

In a world that has become so environmentally conscious in so short a space of time, the preservation of potable freshwater has never been more critical. Especially in Australia, where drought and shortages are a yearly occurrence, the issue of how to prevent wastage is something that will always have resonance. One way of how you can conserve water is by installing a greywater system. This unassuming little machine will help you recycle your used water into treated, useable water again, aiding both the environment and saving on your water bill.

Greywater is the technical term for water that contains impurities from laundry and various other household cleaning agents. Unlike black water, it has not come into contact with human waste and other dangerous contaminants, making it easier to clean and recycle. A greywater system uses advanced filtration to strain out impurities in the dirty water without resorting to harsh and harmful chemicals, resulting in purified water that can be used in the garden. The treated greywater can be stored for any length of time, and any untreated liquid is passed through a diverter system and is progressively expelled as sub-surface irrigation into the garden, so nothing gets wasted. (As there is the potential for harmful bacteria in untreated water, this can only be stored for a maximum of 24 hours). Since greywater makes up around 50% of all wastewater going down the drain, this represents a considerable saving on your water bill, not to mention a guilt-free, eco-friendly way around water restrictions.

Duncan’s Plumbing is committed to taking you through the process of installing this green, money-saving system in your home; and will provide you with friendly, professional advice as well as expert installation. We aim to make the installation process simple and easy, regardless of whether you are building a new home or refitting an old one. Call Duncan’s and let us design and install a greywater system that fits in with your needs and help you start saving today.’

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I store the water for later use?

    You can only store grey water for 24 hours, then it must be emptied to the sewer discharge point.

  • What is grey water good for?

    Grey water can be used for irrigation with certain distribution methods which can help in a drought, or during water restrictions. Grey water can also be used for filling toilet cisterns for flushing.

  • Will grey water do harm to my lawn?

    Using grey water does have chemicals by products in the water which you may charge to other products that have less. Phosphates/ detergents which a combination of using potable water to balance the amount is also practical.

  • What is a typical cost for a grey water system?

    Its general starting cost of $4,000 plus.

    So the investment, length of time in the house, the amount of people living in the house and the availability of potable water are all concerns to consider when thinking what the cost will be.

Units that Duncan’s use:

Gator Pro Grey Water Unit

Gator Pro Grey Water Unit

  • Designed ideally for Laundry, Shower and Bath use.

Maxi 100 Grey Water Unit

Maxi 100 Grey Water Unit

  • Designed ideally for under slab or buried applications