Water Tanks in Canberra

Image of water tanks in Canberra

Water tanks are an excellent and responsible way to conserve water, saving both your wallet and the environment at the same time. In addition, the water collected is softer than ordinary tap water, so it reacts better with soap and is far less likely to create a buildup of limescale on your surfaces and in your drains.

Duncan’s can supply and install all types of rain water tanks, be they poly, Colorbond, or concrete. We will also fit and supply the necessary bases for the tanks, as well as suitable pumps and rain bank systems if they are required. Our professional tradespeople will connect any existing or new fixtures to the rain water tank pump system, taking the headache out of installation for you. We will also ensure the safe and proper connection of electrical switches and safety circuits to the switchboard.

If you have previously purchased water tank equipment that you are having trouble installing, Duncan’s can help with that too. Our expert staff can consult with you and, if the equipment and environment are found suitable, complete the installation on your behalf, hassle-free. Call Duncan’s and get us on site for a quote and professional consultation.