Hot Water Systems

Here at Duncan’s, we carry out servicing of most makes and models of gas, electric and instantaneous hot water systems. We can perform all your annual maintenance checks on the hot water system, from replacing pressure and temperature relief valves (PTR valve) to sacrificial anodes, and visual inspections for signs of wear and rust. If your hot water system is not running efficiently, it will not only cost you, your hard-earned dollars but can harm the environment as well. Regular hot water system maintenance will increase your hot water system’s efficiency, saving you money in the long run. When you need instant hot water for your home or business, trust in our fast, timely and professional service that you will receive when you choose Duncan’s Plumbing.

Duncan’s Plumbing always has hot water units in stock, no matter what time of the year. We can supply and install any make and model that you require!

Call us and discover for yourself why we’re already the trusted choice in other Canberra homes and businesses for their hot water needs:

Duncan’s Plumbing can help with your commercial grade hot water units!

We have experience supplying, installing and servicing commercial hot water systems to some of Canberra’s largest consumers examples including; nursing homes, correctional centres and hotels.

Duncan’s Plumbing suggests the following hot water units to be installed into your business today as they are the most effective for larger properties.

Duncan’s Plumbing is one of Canberra’s most well-known names in hot water that Canberra has trusted for generations.

Duncan’s Plumbing can support units of gas, electric and continuous at any given time or moment. We have been installing and repairing hot water systems since 1959 and have next-level expertise on the matter.

Duncan’s Plumbing has a solution for every situation!

Energy efficiency, size and budget are our main priorities when advising our clients what the best hot water unit is for their home.

Households change over time; throughout the change, there are upgrades. Duncan’s Plumbing will strive to meet your needs both now, and in future as your home grows.

What to consider when organising your new hot water system

  • How many bathrooms, or people are using hot water simultaneously?
  • How many adults compared to children are at the home?
  • Are there any dishwashers and washing machines that are connected to the hot water that may be used simultaneously?
  • Do you have or are you thinking of installing a large bath or spa bath?
  • Do you have space for a hot water unit?
  • Do you have available energy supplies? I.e. gas and electricity
  • How long does it take to install a hot water system?
  • My hot water unit is leaking does that mean I need a replacement?
  • I want to change from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water system, can I do that?
  • Can my gas hot water system be converted to LPG?
  • What’s better gas, electric or instantaneous?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to install a hot water system?

    Pending the installation taking place, it can take between 1 to 8 hours

    Different installations could include:

    • Electric hot water unit to a Gas hot water unit
    • Like for like (straight swap over)
    • Internally stored hot water unit relocated to externally stored
    • Gas/ electric storage to a gas continuous
  • My hot water unit is leaking does that mean I need a replacement?

    Not always!

    There is a pressure temperature relief valve on all hot water units made to release the pressure built up inside the tank. Also, there is a discharge pipe which also might leak the excess water on to the ground surface. Some tanks appear to be leaking, however some hot water systems can leak up to 5 litres per day, pending the use and location. Another leak source can be condensation from a gas storage unit which also discharge on to the ground. Our qualified tradesman can test and examine the cause to then advise the reason whilst they are on site. Call our office today for more information!

  • I want to change from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water system, can I do that?


    There are several options if you already have a natural gas supply to your property.

    • 5 Star gas storage system (external model)
    • 6/7 star continuous gas hot water system which never stops! (perfect for the larger households with a higher demand for hot water)
  • Can my gas hot water system be converted to LPG?


    However this is not advised. Due to the cost of energy source, this is an extremely rare request.

  • What’s better gas, electric or instantaneous?


    With electric storage hot water systems, they can provide an “off-peak” / day rate tariff, these are commonly installed during construction of newer households, this then ensures the hot water unit is heated at all times.

    Gas storage hot water units are available with a range of energy ratings which provide a great range perfect for budgets, and efficiency capabilities of each unit.

    Gas continuous hot water units have the highest gas efficiency ratings which suit high hot water demands, they are also compact and great when lacking space for installation.

    Solar hot water systems are another option, these are very efficient in certain circumstances and we reserve the right not to recommend for the ACT region due to climate conditions unless it is installed with an electric solar system.

    There is also a heat pump hot water unit. These are quite efficient hot water units in warmer climate areas and we reserve the right to not recommend for the ACT region unless a certain brand and the correct location is established for installation.

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