Rain Water

Rain Water Harvesting Tanks Canberra

Water tanks are an excellent and responsible way to conserve water, saving both your wallet and the environment at the same time. In addition, the water collected is softer than ordinary tap water, so it reacts better with soap and is far less likely to create a build-up of limescale on your surfaces and in your drains.

Duncan’s can supply and install all types of rain water tanks, be they poly, Colorbond metal, or concrete material. We will also fit and supply the necessary bases for the tanks, as well as suitable pressure pumps and rain bank systems if they are required. Our professional tradespeople will connect any existing or new fixtures to the rain water tank pressure pump system, taking the headache out of installation for you. We will also ensure the safe and proper connection of electrical switches and safety circuits to the switchboard which our fully qualified electrician will carry out and complete.

If you have previously purchased water tank equipment that you are having trouble installing, Duncan’s can help with that too. Our expert staff can consult with you and, if the equipment and environment are found suitable, complete the installation on your behalf, hassle-free. Call Duncan’s and get us on site for a quote and professional consultation.

We install a concrete base with quality 25upt strength concrete. We install all types of pressure pumps, multi-usage jets….

These pressure pumps include; Davey, Reef, Vader, Onga, Grundfos and DAB. These are just a few of the trusted brands that we sell at Duncan’s Plumbing.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Is my house large enough for a rain water tank?

    Our tradesman when on site giving a consultation factor your useable roof surface the annual Canberra rainfall and calculate the amount of drainage required to supply rain water harvest tank to ascertain, is your roof big enough?

  • What sized rain water tanks are there?

    This vary between suppliers and type of materials.

  • I want the water tank to match my house can this be done?

    There is a standard poly range and a standard Colorbond range. There is nothing stopping any one colour matching with a quality paint product.

  • What can a rain water harvesting tank be used for? Does it save me money?

    The rain water harvesting system can be for the following uses if clearly identified.

    • Toilet refiling
    • Laundry washing machine
    • Garden tap and hose
    • Hot water use
    • Swimming pool
    • Spa bath
    • Garden pond top up
    • Firefighting system
    • Cooling towers
    • And lastly, drinking/cooking use if the water quality meets the Australian drinking water guidelines.

      The saving of money is weighed up against plant and equipment costs, material and labour costs the amount required by each installation and the overall catchment zone versus local potable water supply from Icon Water (network utility operator).




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