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Continuous Flow Hot Water

The continuous flow hot water system does exactly what it says on the label: provides you with an endless supply of heated water. Imagine that. No more cold showers, no more waiting in the chilly Canberra mornings, no more staggering bathroom use during the day. Now, the experts at Duncan’s can make this dream a reality.

The system makes clever use of gas heating and is at once smaller, more efficient, and far more reliable than its tank-based predecessor. In a conventional system, water is stored in a tank that, once emptied, needs to be refilled and re-heated. This takes time, which is why you’re stuck with cold showers once this happens. Continuous flow hot water systems are designed so that the water is heated as, and when, you need it, which means there is no need to store it in a cumbersome tank. This efficient, energy-saving system is not only luxurious and incredibly convenient, but will also reduce your energy usage and costs in the long run.

Duncan’s are passionate about finding the right continuous flow hot water system for you, and will guide you through all the leading brands with the best warranties. We will correctly size and rate the system so that it is ideal for your home, no matter your living circumstances. Our experienced and expert staff are on hand to ensure the process is a quick and painless as possible – and once completed, you’ll never run out of hot water again. Trust the professionals at Duncan’s to oversee and complete your installation today.

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