Master Plumbers Association ACT





This code of Ethics is issued to all Association members to create a spirit of ethical conduct, develop sound trade relations and generally promote the advancement of plumbing.

It is considered that the health and wellbeing of the community, as it is affected by all branches of the plumbing trade, is of prime importance and will be protected to the best of a member’s ability.

The task of raising the living standards of the community is entrusted to the Association and its members. In fulfilling this task, every endeavour will be made to convey this obligation to the staff of a Master Plumbers’ establishment.

  • A Member will observe the highest standards of honesty in all transactions, and will, in advertising, avoid the use of false titles, ambiguous statements and misleading claims.
  • A Member will endeavour to create friendly cooperation with his fellow members and assist them wherever possible, and will not critise another Master Plumber without first discussing the matter with the Master Plumber’s Association.
  • A Member will carefully avoid all unfair competition and trafficking in labour, either offering higher wages, bonuses or better conditions.
  • A Member will, at all times and in all dealings, endeavour to provide the highest quality of service and true value for money to clients.
  • A Member will, at all times, comply with all plumbing and building codes, and with all codes of practice relating to occupational and public health and safety.
  • A Member will, at all times, respect and safeguard the premises and property of the client, and any other premises and property that may be affected in the course of the member’s work.
  • A Member will, at all times, endeavour to raise and promote the image and profile of the licensed professional tradesperson.
  • In addtion to be illegal, it will also be considered unethical for any member to sign, as a licensed plumber any documents, on behalf od an unlicenced person to carry out plumbing work.
  • In all matters related to the interpretation of the Code of Ethics, a member will recognise the authority of the Association and its Constitution.