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Downpipe Installation Canberra

Duncan's Plumbing Service prides itself with quality tradesmen and quality metal work.

Duncan's Plumbing Service install's all types of roof plumbing, gutters, downpipes, flashing and custom made box gutters.

Duncan's Plumbing Service repairs roof leaks, broken tiles and re-pointing ridge cappings. All types of maintenance.

Duncan's Plumbing Service has accreditation at working at heights, confined spaces and elevated platform.

Duncan's Plumbing Service can be at your house, commercial property, school or government building. Just call, email or talk to our wonderful team at Duncan's Plumbing Service.


Date: 15.04.2014

Roof Leaks Canberra

At Duncan's Plumbing Service we have a very experienced team in locating roof leaks, gutter leaks and flashing's that are just not right.

Here we have made a large soaker flashing to cover a sky light dome, which has a history of roof leaks.

We have maintained the light source, through installing a new sky light directly above in clear perspex material.

Our customer now has no roof leaks and plenty of natural sunlight.


Date: 28/03/2014

Use a Licenced Plumber

Why should you use a licenced plumber?

The photos show why you should not attempt to complete the work yourself, that you should employ a licenced tradesman.

Licenced plumbers spend the best part of 6 years to learn their trade. This is to protect people and the health of the nation.

So if it sounds too good (cheap) to be true, there may be a reason.

Use a licenced plumber.                                                                               Date: 20.03.2014


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