Backflow Prevention

The prevention of water pollution is not necessarily something that people consider when dealing with plumbing maintenance, but it is important. Cross-contamination of water from a potentially polluted source (backflow) is not just unpleasant, it can be incredibly hazardous to your health. This contamination can occur when the water supply on a property is inadvertently interconnected with a source of polluted water, whether through cross-connection, a burst main, or a submerged hose. Any contaminants contained within the source then have the potential to enter your property’s drinking water whenever there is a sudden drop in the mains pressure, or an excess of pressure from the property itself.

Backflow Prevention Canberra

Annual backflow testing is a compliance issue in Australia, and required by law where contamination is deemed a risk. Water pollution can be avoided before it occurs simply by installing a backflow device, or RPZD (reduced pressure zone device) in your water supply system. The RPZD uses pressure valves to prevent contaminated water from making its way past its source, keeping the drinking water on your property and those surrounding safe and pure.

Backflow Flow Prevention Policy

Duncan’s will provide you with a friendly reminder every year when your legally mandated backflow testing and valve check is required. We will carry out, on your behalf, all servicing and testing, and lodge a full and detailed report lodged with ACTPLA and yourself. Our expert services include a full inspection of the property or properties to locate and identify missing or unserviced RPZDs and emergency assistance at need (we stock a comprehensive range of spare parts). All our testing equipment is annually re-certified to comply with ACTPLA requirements.

Don’t wait for water pollution to strike your home or business. Call Duncan’s today and find out how we can help you avoid it.